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Standard Car Insurance

Do I have to pay windscreen excess?

Yes, if you have Standard Comprehensive cover and need to make a claim for any glass in your car the excess is:


Repair - £10
Replacement - £75


Windscreen cover is unlimited where an approved windscreen repairer is used. You will not be entitled to any more than £125 for windscreen damage, less the excess, if a non-approved repairer is used.


If you do not have Standard Comprehensive cover, you will not have Windscreen cover and therefore, excesses will not apply.


This answer specifically relates to Tesco Bank Car Insurance. For an answer relating to Box Insurance please select the Box Insurance FAQ category or try using the search box at the top.

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If I get my winscteen repaired will this affect my NCD. Can I arrange for it to be repaired by Autoglass

Hi @Gavap69, if you're only claiming for a windscreen then this would not affect your NCD. You are free to use any glass supplier of your choosing, however, limitations will apply. To check this please refer to the "Making a Glass Claim" section in your policy booklet.   


If i telephone the glassline am i expected to pay the excess there and then or can it be paid when the work is done? If im struggling for money until payday next week, would i be able to pay on that day but have the work done as soon as possible?

Hi @Jen222, you can pay your excess on the same date that the technician carries out the work. As we have two separate excess's for repair (£10) and replacement (£75) they wouldn't know what amount to charge at the point of your initial call. I hope this information helps

How would I go about getting a chip repaired on my windscreen?

Hi @rachpickles,


If you phone the Tesco glass line (National Windscreen) on 0345 677 8888 to arrange for the glass to be repaired or replaced, and then you can arrange to use one of the chosen glass companies.


Remember that you have unlimited cover from our approved glass company to repair or replace broken or chipped glass in your car’s windscreen or windows. You are also covered if broken glass damages the bodywork of your car, plus your No Claims Discount will not be affected! My colleague has also confirmed the pricing above :-)


I hope that helps