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Standard Car Insurance

Can I add, amend or remove a named driver to my Car Insurance policy?

Yes, you can have up to four additional drivers on your policy. These drivers may be a permanent change or temporary change up to a maximum of 28 or 30 days over the policy year depending on your insurance underwriter.

Adding additional drivers to your insurance could increase the overall cost of your policy and an administration fee may apply to make a change to your policy. This will depend on individual circumstances. Further information can be found from our Customer Service team.

To add, amend or remove any additional drivers please call our Customer Service team on 0345 673 0000* and have your policy number ready.

This answer relates to Tesco Bank Car Insurance only and is not applicable to Tesco Bank Box Insurance.

*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.

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 Good day, 


 Just asking what details do i need about the additional driver that i would like to add. 

 So that before i call your number, i have prepared that necessary details. 




Hi Microshoxx,


We would normally ask for their name, date of birth, occupation, how long they've held their licence and relationship to you.


We would also ask for any claim, convictions, motoring conviction history and if they've had any previous insurance cancelled/void. 


You can call our Service Team 0345 673 0000 to do this.


Hope this helps.





Can we check how much adding a named driver will be online? 

Hi @Jadus2017, In order to update the drivers on the policy, you would need to call us for a quote. Please call us on 0345 2462895 8am-9pm Mon-Fri & 9am-5pm Sat/Sun


Hi how can I get a car insurance? I'm holding a provisional car license and I'm purchasing a car today

Hi @NewcarS123


You can get a quote online for this, if you're under 21 please click here for a quote.


If you are over 21 please click here for a quote.



Hi, just wondering, if I'm the main driver on my car and I added a second driver. If anything was to happen when I was driving such as a crash (hopefully not), would this affect the second drivers insurance on their own car in any way? Or will it purely just affect my own because they wasn't the one driving it? Many thanks, Nicole.

Thanks for your message and welcome to Your Community Nicoleclayton93.


If you unfortunately had an accident whilst driving, this wouldn't affect the second driver's insurance. The reason being, as you've correctly explained is because it would have been yourself driving and you would claim via your insurance policy.


I hope this helps.