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Am I covered for conditions my pet has suffered in the past?

No, unless the problems are totally unrelated. For example, if your dog cut his leg before your policy start date and this healed, and then your dog was unfortunate enough to cut his leg again, this would be classed as a new condition and would be covered under the terms of the policy. However if the original cut did not heal properly and your pet needed further treatment, this would not be covered. Symptoms exhibited before the policy start date that are subsequently diagnosed are not covered either.

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my dog has allergies. but i cant see where i can put them on the form

Hi lpr58 


We don't ask for your pet allergies on the quotation, to make sure we can provide the right cover for your Dog.


If you please call our helpline on 0345 078 3895 we are open Mon to Fri 8am-8pm, Sat 9am-5pm, and Sun 10am-4pm.


Hope this helps




Do we need to state what medical attention are pet has had in the past? As when I got my quote no where asked for this information, I understand my pet wouldn't be covered if she had the same incident but how do you know what she has had done? Just want to make sure it's not going to come back and bite me and if something happens she won't be covered thanks
Can I have a reply please

Hi there, I can confirm that this is not information we require. I hope this helps.






Hi could you tell me if I wanted to decrease my excess what difference apart from payment would it make to my policy 


Hi @Tom3, the terms of the policy should remain the same although this would mean less would need to be paid following a claim. However, this may have an impact on your premium and we would need to speak to you to see if this is possible. You can reach our Pet Customer Service Team on 0345 078 3895 and Lines are open Mon - Fri: 8am - 8pm, Sat: 9am - 5pm and Sun: 10am - 5pm. I hope this helps.