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Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

I have already submitted a complaint about Payment Protection Insurance or undisclosed commission/profit share. What should I do now?

If you have already submitted a complaint to us regarding Payment Protection Insurance or undisclosed high commission and/or profit share, we will aim to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. If this hasn’t been possible by the end of 5 business days, we will send a text, email or letter to acknowledge your complaint. We will then contact you with our final decision on your complaint therefore there is no need for you to contact us again. You can find more information on how long it will take here


Hi there 

Ive already made a claim for a sum of money. I have to sign and send off with proof of address because it was different from the one before. All my statements and utilities are done online. I'm trying to get the company to send me a statement through the post, but I'm having trouble. 

I have taken a photo shot of the statement online. Can I email this to you and post the exceptance form ?

with regards

D A Davies

Hi @Taffythegreat


We don't exchange any documentation via email I'm afraid, it all needs to be sent in the post. We wouldn't be able to accept screenshot copies or online statements either, we'd need to have a statement sent to us in a form that it was delivered to you. If you were to phone your bank or utility provider, they should be able to send you an old statement (dated at a time that you lived at the previous address) to your new address. Alternatively, we would be able to accept a council tax bill that was downloaded online. 

Hi, I have a completed ppi claim form to return and the letter says that a prepaid envelope is enclosed.  It wasn’t with my letter so which address do I return the form to? 

Thanks in advance

I'm sorry to hear that @Phlips. Here's the address to use: Tesco Bank, PO Box 17402, Edinburgh, EH12 1FT.

I need to make a complaint but not sure how. My payment date changed from 23rd to 28th and was told we get an extra 5 days no extra charge but now my statement has generated I have been charged loads more interest and have now incurred a default sum. I wasn't aware of the date change or the extra interest I was going to have pay and feel this default sum is unfair.

@christinesisson Sorry to hear this. If you privately message @Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB and postcode I'll look into this for you – Joe

hi. i have a unknown suddenly reducing in my availble ballance 3 days ego and there is not still any transaction in my statement after 3 days till now. what is this diffrence for ? my over draft limite is 550 avilable balance was 40 and current balance is 510 at now. but befor this happen my available balance for spend changed to 3.5 without 510 changed to 546.5

i see  my current balance still is 510 without changing. and why my 40 available balance  has been changed to 3.5 . i have not any activity about it. if there is than why thereis no any detail information for that transactiuon

Hi @samio576, this can sometimes happen if you pay an amount that's higher than your credit limit or if you pay more than your last statement balance. The quickest resolution would be to give us a call to look over your account. You can reach us on 0345 300 4278, my colleagues are available 24/7 - Caroline