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What is a One Time Access Code?

A One Time Access Code is a code we use as an additional security measure to confirm your identity if you've forgotten your login details or are using a browser on a computer or mobile device we don't recognise.


We'll send you a One Time Access Code by text message or an automated call depending on how you’ve chosen to receive it.  No matter which option you select, you will then enter it online. This helps us make sure it's really you logging in.


The One Time Access Code is valid for 10 minutes, so if it expires you'll have to request another one. You can do it by choosing the Resend One Time Access Code option displayed on your screen. Please note that you can only receive a maximum of 3 codes in a 20 minute period.


If we don't have your up to date mobile and landline phone numbers we'll send you a Temporary Security Number by post. This means that you'll have to wait for the letter to arrive before you can get back online.


To make sure you can always access Online Banking it's important that you keep your mobile and landline phone numbers up to date.




As my computer is no longer recognised (I guess cookies have been deleted),  I need a one time access code to log in to my online account.

But it takes 15min or more between the time I am asking for this code and when it arrives on my mobile.

And when I enter the code, it says I have been successfully logged out of Online Banking... I guess this is because the delay is too long.

I tried several time, with different browsers or time of the day: same thing. My mobile network connection is good, so i don't think this is the issue.

But.... the code is sent on a french mobile number located in France... ... Probably the reason.... What should I do ? Not planning to go back to UK soon while need access now. 🙂
Thanks for your advices


What should I do ?

Hi @cat_bellevue, sorry to hear that. We can send out a security number by SMS that would be valid for 30 days and would allow you to log back in. To do this, you can call our Online team on +44141 278 7386, available 24/7. Alternatively, we can send a code out in the post, although this will take slightly longer than five working days due to being sent out with the UK.


If you'd prefer the code by post, send a private message to @Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB and postal code. When you send your details, make sure to send them with additional spaces between the characters l i k e t h i s.

I've just registered for my account but it is stating that it doesn't have a valid mobile number, so I clicked on contact us but I don't see where to upload my mobile details, can you point me in the right direction?

Hi @Oggles, thanks for getting in touch. So we can help can you please message @Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB, postcode and mobile number. If this is an Insurance policy, please also include your policy number.   

hi Keigan 

as requested my mobile number is as follows:


**sensitive info removed**9


kind regards


Good Morning,

Having trouble with the "one time access code" system. It seems to me that a recent change in Tesco's banking system means that every time I want to view my account I have to have a new access code. As I have a very poor signal, standing in the middle of the road for 10/15 mins. is not a sensible way to work. What has gone wrong? I have never had to do this in the past.

I am using the same device, as you call it, with the same log on as I have always used successfully. The only thing that has changed is that I now use Google instead of Fire Fox. Could that be it, and if so, how do I overcome this problem.

in any replies, please be gentle with me. We are not all expert users and this is my first time!



PS. Can my land line be used instead of mobile?

Hi @JMW1, I'm sorry to hear that! So I can look into this for you, can you please send your full name, DOB and postcode to @Tesco-Bank? - Christina 

I have a current Ac and just opened a savings Ac.

I can not seem to get them both on the same log in or app. I have had to set up 2 log ins and 2 passwords.

Also they both do not recognise my computer and keep wanting new temp. security numbers.

Q. How do I get both Ac's on the same app?

Q. How do I stop having to get temp security numbers?

I am using the same computer each time.

@da411 Sorry to hear you've had this trouble. If you can privately message @Tesco-Bank, confirming your full name, DOB and postcode, we'll look into this for you.

Hi again,

thanks for your reply, here are the details asked for,



********** (for savings Ac)

but I have another post code for the current Ac

******** which I need to change to the other address but can’t get into the Ac to do.

problem is, cannot get both Ac’s on the same app. Also keeps saying I need temp access number.

current Ac won’t even let me do that.