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How do I update my address, email and phone number for my credit card online?

1. Log in to Online Banking 
2. On the My Overview page, scroll down to the find the credit card account you want to update and click on the white arrow within the blue box. 
3. Once you have clicked on your selected credit card, the blue box will expand and you will see a button on the top right which says Manage Account – please click this button to move onto the next step. 
4. On the credit card overview page, please select Mange your Account from the menu found on the left hand side of your screen. 
5. Then select Update address, email and phone number.
6. From here, you can now enter your updated details and click the Continue button to see a preview of your new details to ensure your changes are correct. 
7. Once you are happy with the information you have entered, please click Submit and we will update our records with your new contact information. 


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How do I change my phone number 

hi There i need to update my credit card account &add my club card details
Hello my name shabbir hussain butt. My nue mobail number **sensitive info removed**8 pls send mi nue cod pls

Hello @Baker@miranda27@shussainbutt

@Baker - Please log into Online Banking and follow the instructions above to update your contact details. Otherwise give us a call on 0345 300 3511 to update your contact number.

@miranda27 - Please call our Clubcard team on 0800 591 688 anytime between Monday to Friday: 8am to 8pm and Saturday: 8am to 6pm to add your Clubcard details.

@shussainbutt - Please don't post your personal information publicly on the Community. Follow the instructions linked here to receive a code for Online Banking.


I have recently got married - how do I change my name from my maiden name to my married name?

Hi @Angie120281


The steps you need to take are detailed in this Community post.


Assuming this is a name change for a credit card? 


Thanks, Jamie.

Hi I moved last year and didn't change my address I believe my account could be in credit how can I get the address changed? Thanks Anita Glindoni

Hi @spudkin40 if you are registered for online banking then you can change your address by following the steps in the FAQ above

I simply want to give my new home address details..... help!

Hi @Jan123

Have you managed to update your address? If not, you can do this by logging into Online Banking and selecting 'Manage Account' and following the instructions above if updating a credit card. 

If it's a bank account then you would log in via Online Banking and as mentioned select 'Manage Account' then 'Change Your Address' found on the right hand side under 'Your Details'. 

If you have any trouble with this then please call us on 0345 300 3511, anytime for help.