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How do I log in to my credit card account online?

On select 'Go to log in' from the panel displayed in the top right-hand corner.


Enter your Username on the login page and select Next.


If you recognise the image and phrase on the next page enter the two digits requested from your Security Number and your Password.


If you don't recognise the image and phrase, don't enter any of your login details and call us straight away on 0345 300 3511*.


*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.


Once you're logged in you will see your Online Banking Overview, which will show a summary of your last six credit card transactions and your current balance.


Select Manage Account if you want to transact on your account or change any of your personal details.

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This is the worse online banking service i have  ever tried so many times to log in, register , login and regisrer  for the umpteenth time i have given up.  What a waste of my time.


I have had a tesco clubcard credit card for over 10 years as well what a dreadful site.

I'm sorry to read that you're having problems with our website and we can help to get you back into your account @zuzu123. Send us your name, DOB and postcode in a private message to our @CET account and we can post out a new security code. 


When you send your DOB and postcode, add additional spaces between the characters, like A B 1 2 C D etc! 


Yes but where do i sent my name, DOB and Postcode to?  it really is not clear at all - could somebody please help me.  I am using google chrome.  I obviously need an idiots guide.

Hi @zuzu123


As @ScottW said, you send them to @CET. Click on @CET then press the send a message button on the top right hand side of the profile page.






Hi @haugh55, thanks for your post!


We're unable to physically send you a One Time Access Code (OTAC), as they're system generated and valid only for 10 minutes. You can request an OTAC only when going through the log in process, on an unrecognised device. Let us know what trouble you're having online and I'll do my best to help you out. 


i have forgotten my password how can i log into my account also my available balance is 0.00 but my account balance is 83.48 how cant i use it

Hi @james198200, I'm sorry to hear that you can't access your online account. So we can rest your access, please click @CET and then at the top right there is a green button that says 'Send Message'. You can send us your full name, DOB and postcode and we can send you a temporary security number in the post. Please ensure all personal details are sent with a space between each of the characters – L I K E T H I S.


I can't discuss individual accounts via this channel. However, you can call our customer service team on 0345 300 4278 (24/7) and my colleagues can discuss this with you, they would also reset your online access at the same time :)