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How do I change my Password online?

Log in to Online Banking and select Manage security details from the Settings menu at the top of the Online Banking Overview and enter a new Password in the Change your Password section.


Your Password:

  • must be at least seven characters
  • must be a mix of letters and numbers
  • must be different to your Username
  • is case sensitive

password is as aked for

Hi @vwoodman, are you having trouble logging in or forgotten your password? So we can look in to resetting this please see

I am trying to login to my Credt Card Account and have failed twice. I am currently overseas and do not have the phone with me, that is registered as part of the Security reset process. Is there any other way I can get my password reset, other than trying for a third time and possibly locking myself out? Also, it is difficult (expensive) for me if I have to call the UK support number. Thanks

Hi @Tokyobox,


I'm sorry you can't get online at the moment. We can only send a temporary security number by text to the mobile on file or to the postal address. If you do not have access to your mobile we would need to update this for you to get another code sent.


If you can message us using these instructions we will do our best to help: - Tristan

I have been told to change my password. I have tried a couple of times, the first time with a combination of 10 letters (all lower case) and 2 numbers, no spaces, no special characters, the second with 14 letters (2 capitalised) 1 number but it says both times the password needs to be at least seven characters, mix of letters and numbers, different to username (neither contained my username) and case sensitive. Bit stuck what to try next. 

just retried, actual message is "

  • Your Password must be at least 7 characters and include letters and numbers. Some symbols can't be used. Please try again."

Hello @Minnie1

I'm hoping you've managed to setup a memorable password now. If not I have copied the requirements for doing so below! Please get back in touch if this is something you continue to have trouble with.

- Cannot contain the words "password", "letmein" or "tesco"
- Cannot be the same as your username or your username backwards
- Cannot contain profanities
- Must be alphanumeric with at least 1 number and 1 alphabetic character
- No character repeated more than 3 times
- Please note passwords are case sensitive
- Passwords can be reused if you ever need to reset your Online Banking details.


Ash :-)