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Can I change/switch my savings or current account to another account with Tesco Bank?

If you’d like to change or switch your savings or current account to another account with Tesco Bank you can do this by logging in to online banking and selecting ‘Apply for another product’ at the bottom right hand side of the page. From there you can choose from our savings accounts or a current account and complete an application. If you are not logged into online banking we may not recognise you and ask you to fill in your personal details again. To avoid this, make sure you are logged into online banking before you select the account you’d like to open. If you have any difficulty with this, please call us on 0345 678 5678*.


Please be aware that switching different types of savings accounts will not transfer over the functionality of the account, it’s important to read the relevant Terms & Conditions of the account you select.


Once you have opened the new savings account, if the account permits, you can transfer up to £100,000 internally through online banking. If you’d like to transfer more or close an account you must call us on 0345 678 5678*.


Please be aware that you cannot close a Fixed Rate Saver early and move money to a different account. If you need to access your money due to exceptional circumstances, we will pay the balance on your account to you and the account will be closed. You will not be charged for this. The following are examples of what we think are ‘exceptional circumstances’: death, diagnosis of a terminal illness or, bankruptcy, insolvency or sequestration.


If you would like to close your Fixed Rate Cash ISA to or move your money please see 'Fixed Rate Cash ISA - How do I close my account?'.


*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.