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COVID-19 (coronavirus) information


COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Updated 28/03/2020

We’re here to help
We know this can be a worrying time for everyone in quite unprecedented circumstances. Please be reassured, Tesco Bank is here to support you and we’re committed to helping you take care of your money during these times of uncertainty.

If you’re impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus) and in financial difficulty we can discuss a range of options with you, including:

Help for Banking Customers

  • COVID-19 payment break for credit card and loan customers - there's no need to call us, if you’re  impacted by COVID-19 and would like to request to delay your next two monthly payments, please download and complete the form below and email it to

     **We recommend using a laptop or PC to do this.  If you are using your mobile, you will need to save the form to your files before completing the fields and emailing it.

    Request to delay my payments form

    What happens next?

    We'll process your request and contact you when complete, or if we need further information.  Due to extraordinary demand in our contact centres, it may take longer than usual to process your request.

    Please be reassured, if your request to delay your payments is solely due to the impact of COVID-19 (coronavirus), there will be no impact to your credit file and you will not incur fees for these missed payments.
    Important information: please note that if you request to delay your next two monthly loan payments, you will still have an obligation to make these payments at a later date.  And, if you choose to delay your credit card payments, interest will continue to be charged on the balance.  You can make payments to reduce your credit card balance at any time.

    Please don't worry if you receive other communications from us in the meantime, we’re working on your request and we’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

  • Access to your savings - if you need the money from your Fixed Rate Saver or Fixed Rate Cash ISA, we’ll remove any fee or restriction, for early closure that may apply.

Help for Insurance Customers

  • No fees if you make changes or cancel your policy.
  • New payment plans can be put in place if you fall behind with your payments.
  • You’re covered if you’re now working from home. Your Tesco Bank Home Insurance automatically covers you for clerical, administrative or child-minding duties.
  • The Association of British Insurers (ABI) recently pledged extra support for car and home insurance customers. We’re members of the ABI, and fully behind this pledge – as well as providing any extra support we can to our customers.
  • • If you’ve received your car or home insurance renewal invite but don’t want to renew, please download and complete the form below and email it to

Request to lapse my renewal form 

We recommend using a laptop or PC to do this. If you are using your mobile, you will need to save the form to your files before completing the fields and emailing it.

Frequently Asked Questions
We understand you have many questions for us, so to help we've answered our most commonly asked questions.
I’m struggling to pay my credit card or loan due to COVID-19 (coronavirus), can you help?
What happens when my COVID-19 payment break ends?
Will my credit file be impacted if I take a COVID-19 payment break?
If your flight or holiday has been cancelled due to Covid-19
See all our Frequently Asked Questions on COVID-19

Getting in touch
In response the current situation regarding COVID-19, we're currently operating reduced opening hours at our customer service centre.

All we ask is that you help us protect our most vulnerable customers at this time by only calling us if your call is urgent.

Our current opening hours

You can also use Facebook Messenger  or Twitter to send us a private message.

Planned to travel abroad?
If you’re worried about any future travel plans please contact the company you booked with.

Easy ways to manage your money
Our Mobile App and Online Banking services are simple to use, secure and available 24/7 – if you haven’t already signed up, you can register here.

If you have insurance with us and haven’t already set up Your Insurance Account to manage your policies online, you can register here.

Our help pages
For support on a range of topics such as trouble logging in, you’ll find the answers here.

Go to Mobile Banking help

Go to Online Banking help

Go to Your Insurance Account help

Staying secure
Please be aware that criminals are using the publicity around COVID-19 as a chance to pose as a genuine organisation, including banks, police officers, government, the World Health Organisation or other health service providers.

Tesco Bank, the police or any other government body will never ask any customer to divulge any security information, including any PIN numbers or Online Banking credentials. Customers will never be asked to move money into a safe account for protection and if there has been any unusual activity on your account please report this as soon as possible.

For further information on protecting yourself online visit Get Safe Online or go to the Security and Fraud pages on our website.

Keeping you in the loop
We constantly plan for unexpected events, so we can make sure our customers can manage their money and insurance smoothly. We’re closely monitoring the current situation and will continue to keep you updated.

Here to help

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

It is very pleasing and reassuring to see financial services such as Tesco Bank keeping their finger on the pulse, in this increasingly fast moving and challenging pandemic. There is as you have stated a constant need for monitoring, updating and planning, to meet the untold twists and turns ahead. Good luck and very best wishes for dealing with it all, i have every confidence in you ! 

Fresh Eyes

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Shame, no mention of help for existing mortgage customers. Bank of England announced the first rate cut this year on March 11 and yet banks are implementing this effective May on mortgages. Today another cut. Why can't banks expedite the rate cuts at least from April? What is government doing to force banks?
Fresh Eyes

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Can you please tell me why you have not taken my monthly Tesco Clubcard credit card payment via my full payment direct debit. I am retired, money in bank so don't need any deferment for covid 19.  


Can you please confirm that if you choose not to take my ddebit payment for this month that I won't be charged/penalised.

See below for email address & contact number.


Many thanks.


Susan Griffiths


**sensitive info removed**5 (husband's mobile)

Little helper

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Please can Tesco tell us and other customers if you will be allowing loan and credit card payment holidays or deferment of payments without penalty or impact on credit files until this Coronavirus issue is sorted, particularly for people who are suffering financially as a result of Covid19 and or reduced income.

how do customers go about agreeing or organising this with Tesco Bank?

Your Community Expert

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Hi @susheelnair, I'm sorry to hear this. Please contact our Mortgages team directly and they can discuss this with you, they're available on 0345 217 2050, Mon - Fri: 8am - 9pm and Sat: 9am - 4pm.


@susan309, Please send a private message to @Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB and postcode so we can look into this for you.


@Az2 We've now added a link to this post in which you can request a payment break if you need it! I hope this helps

Here to help

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Looks like you would need to complete the Delay my Payments form on the Tesco Bank website - Can see that you can access this from Your Community Pages. They seem to be allowing 2 months deferment of payments for Loans & Credit Cards where you are affected 

Fresh Eyes

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

How do I apply for a payment holiday from Tesco looan for next 2 months due Covid 19??

I don't see any application forms ??
Your Community Expert

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Hey, you can apply by clicking the link below. Hope this helps - Chris  

Fresh Eyes

Re: COVID-19 (coronavirus) information

Can I get a three month Holloway on my credit card