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Who can apply for a mortgage with Tesco Bank?

Before you apply for a Tesco Bank Mortgage consider the following to ensure you’re eligible:


About you
• You're over 18 and you'll be less than 75 when your mortgage ends
• Your annual household income is more than £20,000
• You are a UK resident, buying or remortgaging a property in the UK that will be your main residence
• You have a UK bank account to make your mortgage payments from
• You have a good credit history (e.g. not been declared bankrupt or have any outstanding arrears)

About the mortgage
• You want a capital and interest mortgage
• You want to borrow between £40,000 and £1,000,000
• You’ll need to have a minimum deposit/equity in your home of:
- 5% for mortgages up to £300,000,
- 10% up to £500,000,
- 20% up to £750,000 and
- 25% for mortgages up to £1,000,000
except if the property is a new build.


• Please note for new build properties, the maximum we will lend is:
- 75% Loan to Value for flats and
- 85% Loan to Value for houses.

We define new build as new, newly converted and previously unoccupied properties built within the last two years