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What is a Mortgage Illustration?

Your mortgage quote will generate a personalised Mortgage Illustration (previously known as a Key Facts Illustration) which will explain the key features of your mortgage and will tell you what your initial monthly payments would be, based on the information you provide during your quote.


Your Mortgage Illustration will include:

• Monthly payment amount
• Any fees you have to pay
• Initial Rate,  Standard Variable Rate and the overall cost for comparison APR
• Expiry date / duration of each interest rate
• Any Early Repayment Charge
• Features of the mortgage, and any restrictions relating to them.

Your Mortgage Illustration will be sent to you via post/email. It’s really important that you read it and understand what it says. Once you have read through and are comfortable with your Mortgage Illustration you can begin the application process.

Please note we are no longer accepting new mortgage applications, existing mortgage customers can still apply for additional borrowing or to switch their product.