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What are the minimum deposit / equity amounts required for a Tesco Bank Mortgage?

The maximum we lend is 95% of the purchase price or property value, whichever is lower.


This is dependent on availability at the time of application. Products may change at any time and may not always be available at the Loan To Value (LTV) required.


You’ll need to have a minimum deposit/equity in your home of 5% for mortgages up to £300,000, 10% up to £500,000, 20% up to £750,000 and 25% for mortgages up to £1,000,000 except if the property is a new build.


New Build

The maximum we will lend on a new build property is 75% Loan to Value for flats and 85% Loan to Value for houses. New Build is defined as properties which are newly built within the last 2 years or newly converted within the last 2 years.