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Can I take my Tesco Bank Mortgage with me if I move house?

If your Mortgage Offer states your mortgage is 'portable', you could take your existing mortgage with you when you move home, on the condition that it still meets our lending policy and maximum loan to value requirements.


Before we can confirm whether you can transfer your existing mortgage, we’ll need to carry out a valuation of your new property, to check the value of the property; that it meets our lending criteria and help us to assess the new mortgage amount you’ll require. You may have to pay for a valuation or survey on the new property and there may also be other fees to pay such as legal costs.


If you are purchasing a property in Scotland we may be able to accept a valid Home Buyers Report.


If you want to increase your mortgage when you move, we will talk you through the options, as well as the charges and fees applicable. If you want to transfer your mortgage during the initial rate period an Early Repayment Charge may apply.


For more information on porting your Tesco Bank Mortgage click on the “Move home and keep your mortgage” section on our website.