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Why does my device no longer support the Tesco Bank Mobile Banking App?

We have recently updated some of our security measures for the Tesco Bank Mobile App, which means that some of our customers using older devices, operating systems or app versions will no longer be able to access our app. To keep you safe and so you get the most out of our app, we strongly recommend that you ensure you have the latest Tesco Bank Mobile App release and the newest available operating system for your device.


For Apple Customers - you will need to update your app if you are using app version 1.8.0 or older. If you have an Apple device with iOS 7.0 or below, you will need to upgrade your device’s operating system before you can download the newest version of our app.


For Android Customers - you will need to update your app if you are using app version 1.8.1 or older. If you have an Android device with Android operating system 2.3 through to 4.3.1, you will need to upgrade your device’s operating system before you can download the newest version of our app. Additionally, accessing our app using a Tesco Hudl or Hudl 2 device is possible using app version 2.1.0, however any future updates to the app will not be supported by Hudl devices.

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Hi @Suzy1979, can you try the steps I've mentioned above? If the problem persists then give our online team a call on 0345 300 3511 (24/7) so we can investigate further. 


It seems it' NOT limited to a few people. Come on tesco sort it out!!!


Ross, the steps clearly don't work, the app is faulty, this has been going on now for ages, at least two months. No matter how many times you suggest following steps, it's not going to work, why not ask around your office, to whom can write apps, if your banking business is like your stores, you will have a 15 year old lad their from the local comprehensive school, working for free. In the guise of work experiance,  when he comes in from his **bleep** break, sit him down infront of a computer and ask him to fix Tescos broken banking app, then hey presto, I bet within 10 minutes the little computer whizz has fixed it. Then pay him for what he as done.

You must have highly paid staff their, we all know bankers get paid fortunes. So why isn' it still broken. #JustAsking


Why did you SENSOR MY COMMENT, SINCE WHEN WAS (F).... (A).... (G.) Break offensive.  


Like everyone has said, those steps don't work and was nothing but a nuisance. The app is faulty. Not all of us can be wrong. 


Why do tesco not see there is a problem with the new version of the app, why do they not let us use thr old version that was stable across all platforms, instead they come up with a list of click this and uninstall this and restart that etc.....that they know dame well doesnt work.


I had a great working app on my samsung s8 up until 3 days ago when i went to add my new account to the app and more app, and no way of checking accounts on the go........think tesco should go back to food and leave tech to the people that know what they are doing and care about there customers to sort things out asap....instead of feeding them tall stories


As for security I use Norton, it's a paid version. Are your phones in the office that you say that Tesco app works on, network locked or bought outright. Seriously it's not our problem. It's your App, this as been going on for to long. Your app is not compatable with Android 7.0

It needs fixing. WHY keep on saying do this or do that. The only cure is for the app developer to write a fix, then upload to the play store for us to download. But that will not happen. You will not accept that it's the banks fault



I use the apple app. I’ve had it for quite some time and never had issues until an update which was done earlier last year. Since then when I log in I can’t transfer money from my current account. I had payees set up on this account yet through the app those payees have transferred to my savings account. So I can transfer money from my savings with no issues to any of my payees and between the savings and current account, but I can no longer send money from my current account to my payees or my savings. To transfer from my current account I need to log in online to do this. I’ve just been putting up with it, but if anyone has a suggestion to fix this issue I’d be grateful of the help. It’s jot a major issue, just inconvenient that I can’t use the app for what I used to be able to do. Thanks 

I'm sorry to read about the issues you've been experiencing @pmuir83. I'll be honest, I've not heard of that problem before, so I'd advise calling our Online team so they can investigate this further. They're available on 0345 300 3511, open 24/7.


I use a Samsung A3 (SM-A300FU) operating on Android 6.01 - why is it not compatible with Tesco Pay+ ? I have no problems using it with several other UK bank apps.