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Why does my device no longer support the Mobile Banking App?

We’ve recently updated some of our security measures for our Mobile Banking App, which means that some of our customers using older devices, operating systems or app versions will no longer be able to access our app. To keep you safe and so you get the most out of our app, we strongly recommend that you ensure you have the latest mobile banking app release and the newest available operating system (OS) for your device. 

From the 16th November 2019 you will have to have updated our app to at least iOS app version 3.0 or Android app version 3.0. If you launch our app using an older version you will not be able to access your accounts via our Mobile App and we will direct to you to either the App Store or Play Store to get the latest update.

Apple customers will need to update their app if using app version 1.9.0 or older. If you have an Apple device with iOS 9.0 or below, you’ll need to upgrade your device’s OS before you can download the newest version of our app. 

Android customers will need to update their app if using app version 1.8.1 or older. If you have an Android device with Android OS 2.3 through to 5, you’ll need to upgrade your device’s OS before you can regain access to our Mobile App. 

Additionally, accessing our app using a Tesco Hudl or Hudl 2 device is possible using app version 2.1.0, however any future updates to the app will not be supported by Hudl devices. This is to ensure that our app is built to incorporate the security and performance optimisations that come with the newest Android OS. 

If you’re unable to upgrade your device to a compatible version, you’ll still be able to manage all of your Tesco Bank accounts either on your phone, tablet or a desktop computer using our Online Banking which you can log in to here.


Hi @Damo2Trikes thanks for getting in touch. Can you please send a private message to the @tescobank account and we can take a closer look at this please. 

Android 7 has not been able to download app from playstore since new version introduced. Tesco seem not to be interested in fixing the problem.

Hi @terrybott, I'm sorry to hear this, please send a private message to the @tescobank account and we can look into this for you.

@AmandaB sent a message on 14/07/2020 as suggested, have had no reply nor confirmation that someone has even read my message. Starting to think about looking into a new bank. 

HI @Damo2Trikes, I'm really sorry however, no message has come through! Could you please try again?.


Thanks for getting back, message sent again... 


@Damo2Trikes, are you sending the message to @Tesco-Bank?.

I have a Galaxy Tab A 2018 running Android 10 but I am getting the "not compatible with this device" message. We know that the Samsung devices are extremely popular so why is this happening?

Update: so after coming here to be told to call technical support.....

Before I called them I had actually upgraded to the Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra. Same thing happened...

Sign in after initial install, sign out, spinney wheel of death, tried on my wife's Samsung galaxy s8+, same thing.

So thats the galaxy s8+, Samsung galaxy s10+, and Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra. All the same result.

So I called the tech help line, this was the jist of the call... have you signed out of the app, I can't help you I don't own any Tesco apps nor bank with them. Thanks for calling, can't fix it as I'm reading from a sheet of questions. Bye. 

So what do I do? You need to fix this, your an online bank with no working app for the most popular phones on the planet. NOT A HAPPY CUSTOMER!!!