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Why does my device no longer support the Mobile Banking App?

We’ve recently updated some of our security measures for our Mobile Banking App, which means that some of our customers using older devices, operating systems or app versions will no longer be able to access our app. To keep you safe and so you get the most out of our app, we strongly recommend that you ensure you have the latest mobile banking app release and the newest available operating system (OS) for your device. 

From the 16th November 2019 you will have to have updated our app to at least iOS app version 3.0 or Android app version 3.0. If you launch our app using an older version you will not be able to access your accounts via our Mobile App and we will direct to you to either the App Store or Play Store to get the latest update.

Apple customers will need to update their app if using app version 1.9.0 or older. If you have an Apple device with iOS 9.0 or below, you’ll need to upgrade your device’s OS before you can download the newest version of our app. 

Android customers will need to update their app if using app version 1.8.1 or older. If you have an Android device with Android OS 2.3 through to 5, you’ll need to upgrade your device’s OS before you can regain access to our Mobile App. 

Additionally, accessing our app using a Tesco Hudl or Hudl 2 device is possible using app version 2.1.0, however any future updates to the app will not be supported by Hudl devices. This is to ensure that our app is built to incorporate the security and performance optimisations that come with the newest Android OS. 

If you’re unable to upgrade your device to a compatible version, you’ll still be able to manage all of your Tesco Bank accounts either on your phone, tablet or a desktop computer using our Online Banking which you can log in to here.


Hi Ken, I'm sorry that you're unable to use the app with the new Note 9. We've made our IT team aware of this. The issue may be due to compatibility problems with the screen size. Please rest assured that we're investigating.

Thanks for the update Ross

Hopefully you will be able to fix it soon as the app is one of my most used. 

Looked out of online banking not recognising device I’m trying to send private Tesco-Bank message to request a new security code but when I enter Tesco-Bank to send it’s not connecting it keeps going blank!

How can I contact you without phoning again and again! I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter account. I had my wife to message on her Facebook account but they cannot accept that. Feeling hopeless 😩 

Hi @LIVEDAVIES59, I'm really sorry about this. As you don't have a Facebook or Twitter account you will need to call us again. You can call our Online Helpdesk anytime on 0345 300 3511, and they'll be more than happy to help. Apologies for any inconvenience this has caused.  

I have an ipad running 10.33 with tesco app 2.9.1 ? and it is telling me i can not log on as my device is too old! 

hi i have an apple ipad with v10.33 installed and tesco app 2.9.1 and tesco banking keep saying my device is no longer supported 

Hey @bro, thank you for getting in touch. I’m sorry to hear that your device has been affected. Unfortunately, the app has updated, and older devices aren’t being supported. You’d need to be able to update to recent software versions (iOS 12 or Android 6.0) to access the app. This is for security reasons and to make sure our app is as secure as possible. I appreciate this is very inconvenient, however you should still be able to access your online banking by logging in on the website using your device. I hope this helps! - Cheryl

Well thanks a bunch, I now can't log on to my account, so I will just stop using my Tesco credit card 

I’m really sorry that this means you’ll need to stop using your Tesco credit card. However, as Cheryl mentioned, you will still be able to log in through the website by going through the browser app on your device.

I must say I was upset when my app stopped working due to my ipad being"too old!" and I had a bit of a problem logging on using website but the friendly bunch from tec sorted me out and do you know what having had a good look round the new pages I think its better!!! Belive me its worth going in the old way (the way we all used to do it! before app's)