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I am using the app to pay my credit card bill with a debit card. How long will the payment take to reach my credit card account?

Your payment will reach your credit card the next working day if it’s paid before 6pm. Otherwise allow 2 working days.


I made a payment to my credit card well over a week ago, even though I didn’t need to make a payment. The money has gone from my bank account but isn’t showing on my credit card? 

Hi @Jennbaxterr, I'm sorry to hear that. Please give us a call anytime on 0345 300 4278 so we can look into this as it usually would only take two working days to clear. 


Hi @RossM I have tried calling but it is an automated process and I am just going round in circles. Please advise so I can speak to someone about the matter. 

Hi @Jennbaxterr, if you listen to the options twice then you will be presented an option to be passed to an advisor.