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I am changing my phone. What should I do?

On the old device, you should either reset the app through the settings menu or delete it completely from the device. To add the app to a new device, download it from the App Store or Google Play Store.


To log in on the app on a new device you will need to know your Username, 6 Digit Security Number and Password, if you have forgotten any of these you can either reset them on a recognised device or call us on 0345 300 3511*. If you’ve changed your mobile number you will need to update it in Online Banking from a recognised device. You can log into Online Banking here.


Calls may be recorded. *This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.

I can't log in because I have lost my old phone number and that is the number they send my verification code to so I can log in!! I'm foing around in circles. I have a new phone number that I could receive the verifixation code on but until I change phone numbers I can't get rhe code!! I'm in Australia for a while and don't have access to the UK number that my veridication code gets sent to!?!?!


Hi @schbaz the easiest way to resolve this is to contact us on our international number to update your phone. We can then attempt sending your code to the new number. Alternatively we can post this to your registered address.


You can call us on 0345 300 4278 (24/7)


Or if you wish us to arrange for this to be posted, please send a private message to @Tesco-Bank


Please note: don't include the @ symbol when putting in the contact details via private message, just Tesco-Bank.


In the message explaining your situation, include your name, date of birth and postcode.


For details like your DOB, postcode and phone number, we ask for you to format it with additional spaces, i.e. A B 1 2 C D, 2 4 1 0 2 0 1 6 and 0 7 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 otherwise the information is removed by the system. 



I am trying to log onto my mobile app with my new phone but unfortunately it doesn't recognise my new phone. I don't have my old phone to log in and change details. I am going around in circles. Please help

Do you have the uk number to phone as I have the same problem.


thank you 

Hi @TIFF_GRANNELL, thanks for getting in touch. If you're looking to update your phone number, let us know what kind of account you have and we can give you the best number to call.

I have just got a new phone its an addition as I need it for work


I don't seem to be able to log into the Tesco Banking App as it tells me its an unreconised device, and my password is locked and I should log into the app on a reconised device


I get this message on both the App and on the Browser on my new phone, on my existing phone and browser I can log in as normal


So is there a limit as to how many devices you can have the Tesco App on 


Any help would be appreciatted 

Hi @kenozz, you can set up as many recognised devices as you like to access your online banking account! You'll receive a message on screen advising your computer is unrecognised from time to time and this is due to the cookies being cleared from your web browser; this is how we recognise a customer’s device. Normally when this message pops up you should be able to continue your log in by requesting a One Time Access Code to your mobile phone or landline. What would prevent you from completing this process would be part of your security being locked.


Can you please send over a private message to @Tesco-Bank confirming your full name, DOB and postcode? I'll then be able to help - Kelly

Why cant we just get a straight  answer directing us to the exact issue instead of being sent  on wild goose chases. I just want to know exactly where I update my phone number. It's a horrid app

Hi @Cinders071965, you can update your phone number via online banking on a recognised device. I've included a link below with more information on how to do this. Alternatively, you can call us on 0345 300 3511 (24/7) and one of my colleagues will be able to help you with updating this.

I am locked out of my mobile banking app as changed phone and couldn't log out of my old one, can't get through on calls - can someone help?