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How do I get the Mobile Banking app?

You can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play


All you need to get started with our app is to download from one of the links above, have your account details to hand and you'll be managing your money on-the-go within a matter of minutes.  


What name do I search for in the app store?

Getting the Tesco mobile app seems far too complicated. All my other bank/card accounts have been straight forward. Why is this so? What Tesco name should I search the app store for? That should be mentioned somewhere in the bumf!

You should be able to search for the Tesco Mobile Banking App in both Apple and Andrioid app stores.


If you have an Apple device, search for "Tesco Bank", however if you are using an Ipad, you must select "IPhone" from the drop down at the top of the store search filter as the app is targeted at a phone, but will work on an ipad.


If you are using an Android device, again, you can search for "Tesco Bank" in the Play store however if your device is not supported, it will not show up.


Android support is limited to certain tablets and most phones.

Hi. Thanks Rob. I've found the app, but on trying to set up the app they request card details and a security code - I've tried all possible combinations but it keeps saying 'security code invalid'. Which security code do they want? Cheers pal. A.



I don't think it asks for card or account details during set-up??


You will have to register for online banking on the website first.


If you have already done this and can log into the website for online banking, you are ready to go with the mobile app as now, you should have...

A username:     (A login name you selected during Internet registration)

A security number:  (A 6 digit number you selected that you would recall in the future)
A password:    (A password that you would recall in the future)


If you have not yet registered on the website for internet banking, do that now. and click on the "I want to register" link in the Online banking panel at the right of the screen.


The panel will change and ask you to select a product from a dropdown menu.
Depending on what you have with Tesco Bank, (Credit Card, Savings Account etc) it will ask you to enter details from the plastic card you have.


You will have to enter your name, date of birth, post code and depending on what you selected in the dropdown, the large 16 digit number in the middle of your Credit Card, or if you have a bank account, it is the sort code and account number that are printed on the bottom of it (six digits then eight)


Follow the process through to completion, which includes getting a text message sent to your mobile telephone to check Tesco Bank have the correct mobile number registered for you.


After this, you should have all three items mentioned above (a username, a security number and a password)


Download or open the Mobile App and it will go through a setup.

It should ask you to enter your username, then a couple of digits from your security number (you are never asked to enter all of it at once).

Another text message will be sent to your mobile phone and it will then ask you to enter the security number just sent to you by text.

Finaly, you will be asked to enter your password then you are done.


You won't have to do all of this again!!, just once.


The app will ask you if you want to setup a PassCode.


This is a 5 digit number that means you dont need to enter you security number and password each time you open it, just the 5 digit PassCode you select here.

It might be easier for you to remember, but you might think that is not secure enough for you, it is your choice and you can select it later anyway if you are not sure.


At no time, should the mobile app ask you to enter card numbers or account details during set-up.


I hope you get registered as it is really easy to use once you get started.


ps, remember never to give your security details to anyone, and never type them into this community forum, you never know who might be watching :)


Good luck



Thanks Rob. I've done it! It was the Apple app store asking for verification and stuff. Once I realised that it was fine. Other apps I downloaded recently didn't ask for verification/new device etc. which was what confused me. Cheers, A.

No options to register for mobile banking on the mobile website? I can't get to the desktop site through the website or google? Why?

Hi CRatty2976,


Possibly it isnt too clear, but you can register for online banking on the mobile web site by clicking on the "Log In" little person at the top of the page.

An option to register or log in for online banking will then be shown.

Complete the registration form with your name, date of birth, post code and either your Sort Code and Account number if you have a bank account, or your card number if you have a credit card with Tesco Bank.


All of the details I have given above still follow now you have found the register link on the mobile web site.

Hope this helps


hi i have registered on line use to be able to do it on my mobile as well but since i have changed my phone it wont let me log in on my phone now 

Hi Tina,


It isn't clear from your post if you have changed your handset and/or your telephone number. ;)


If you have actually changed your mobile telephone number, then you must let the bank know as this is used to send one time access codes.



If you can you still access online banking through your computer, the first thing you should do is access online banking and "Update your security details" to update your telephone number.


If you cannot access online banking at all right now, you should contact the online helpdesk on 0345 300 3511 and they can resolve the issue.


If your mobile telephone number has remained the same, but you have changed your handset, probably the best thing is to install the application on your new phone and re-register.


When you say "it won't let me log in on my phone now", have the above helped resolve or are you receiving any other specific error messages?