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How can I share my account details from the app?

If you have a current account or savings account with us and you have our app, you'll see a feature called 'Share details'. This allows you to copy or share your account details (your account number and sort code) directly from the app to a text message, an email, any messenger apps you have installed on your phone or you can save it to a file such as Apple's Notes. 


This makes it easier if, for example, you were needing to share your details with a friend for them to pay you back for a night out, or perhaps you are needing to make a payment to your Tesco Bank account from another bank. The 'Share details' feature let's you do that quickly and securely with the touch of a button. Remember to make sure you are only sharing your account details with those you trust and be careful to make sure that nobody is able to see your details that you would not want to.