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How can I log in to the Mobile Banking App?

If you have an eligible device, you can log in to the app using Touch ID for iPhones and Fingerprint for Android phones. Additionally, if you have an iPhone X, you can use Apple’s Face ID functionality to log in to our app. You can set these options up in the settings menu of our app or during registration.


If you do not have a Touch ID or Face ID eligible device then you are given an option to setup a Passcode. This is a five digit number alternative to your Security Number and Password, allowing you to login faster.


If you do not setup a Passcode you'll be asked for your Online Banking Password and two digits from your Security Number when you login.


I couldn't get on the mobile banking app as my iPad is too old for your app now, so I followed the link and registered. When I put in my new user name and password, it comes up with error saying it doesn't recognise my device...please help! I just want to check my account.

Hi @Expenses13, thanks for getting in touch. If you could please send a private message to Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB and postcode, I'll be able to help you log in 🙂 - Caroline

Hej jag har sålt en sak och har fått mail bekräftelse men hur får ja in pengarna??? Mvh natalie

Hi @Naataliie1, thanks for getting in touch. We're only able to respond to message in English! Can you please re-send your query? I've replied to your private message too 🙂