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Can I access the Mobile Banking App from any device?

Our Mobile Banking App is available on Apple and Android devices.  We don’t currently support any other mobile platforms. You can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.


All you need to get started with our app is to download from one of the links above, have your account details to hand and you'll be managing your money on-the-go in a matter of minutes.

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Hi @dfranklin

It's possbile the screen size is what makes the app incompatible although we've carried out some troubleshooting recently with a customer having trouble installing the app on the Google Pixel handset. Step 4 of 7 on the link below seemed to resolve this issue if you don't mind trying this too? Get back in touch and let us know if this resolves anything please :)




Hi s7 edge running Android 7 and banking app not compatible,?

Hi @Adambr00kes, I'm sorry to hear that the app isn’t working on your device. Please try the support steps on your device that Ash has mentioned above so we can see if this resolves the issue for you and let us know how you get on. 


The App worked perfectly on my Hudl2. I upgraded to an Acer A3-A40 with Android 6.0 and when I try to load the app I get "not compatible with your device."  I find this most disappointing and feel somewhat let down by Tesco.

Sorry about this @Wellfield, I will pass this on as feedback so we can take this on board going forward! If you need anything else let us know 


I look forward to an early solution.



On Android I receive an error from the Playstore that the mobile app is not available in my country. I am in the UK, have a UK number. Presumably the phone thinks it's somewhere else. Any ideas on how to persuade it to get with the program?

Hi @winstonian36, I'm sorry to hear that your phone doesn’t know where it is. Although I can’t specify an exact fix, Google do have some troubleshooting steps that you can follow to resolve this. You can find this in the following link and I hope this helps. 


Invalid Request. If you feel the request was valid please contact customer service.

The error ID for your request is: TY **sensitive info removed**158


Hi. I am using phone Vernee Apollo Lite and Android 6.0. If I opened my Tesco Bank App I can not do anything. If I open on mobile my online banking and I want to manage my credit card show me message what I put up. What to do if I can not pay my credit card?


I've been using the app on my Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 (running Android 5.1.1) for quite a while but since the update the app is indicating  that my device is incompatible. I uninstalled the old non-working version but the new version won't install. My device runs Android version 5.1.1.