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Can I access the Mobile Banking App from any device?

Our Mobile Banking App is available on Apple and Android devices.  We don’t currently support any other mobile platforms. You can download it for free from the App Store or Google Play.


All you need to get started with our app is to download from one of the links above, have your account details to hand and you'll be managing your money on-the-go in a matter of minutes.

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 're Samsung galaxy s7 edge that I posted on **sensitive info removed** I'm going to update my first post after I had put it onto the forum I had found out that I was wrong about the app and the s7 edge I had nothing but bother with the app and every 2 days I would have to uninstall the app and wait for a while and start all over again so I had stopped using the app for a couple of months and never bothered with it again however I have bought myself a new phone since ( not because of this solely ) so I don't know now if anything has changed in the last 6 months but my new phone is brilliant and the app works all the time ( fingers crossed )



 Hi @fourseas,


Did @hedleyr274's advice work? If not, please message @CET so we can look into this further for you. You can also contact our online team for troubleshooting help with this on 0345 300 3511 (24/7) - Tristan

Hello @fourseas

I am sorry you've had trouble with this! I would suggest exactly what @hedleyr274 commented, delete the app and then reinstall. Can you give this a go (if not done so already) and get back in touch to let us know if this resolved your issue please? 

Also, @hedleyr274 - I am glad to hear that you've been successfully using the app and I hope you're enjoying your new phone - Ash :-)


Moto G [3rd Gen] Android 6.0.1 is fine with the App [v.2.1.1 - althhough it occupies a massive 63.27mB!
HOWEVER, I can't get registered with the same version of the App on my new BLÜ Vivo 5R phone [Android 6.0] : I get to enter all the login data, receive the text message, enter the 8-digit code - and am thrown back to Google PlayStore : later a message tells me to 'try again'.

Each step of the attempted registration takes 2-3 minutes, and three attempts takes 8% of battery-power!

Any help/info on similar problems, please?

[P.S. - already uninstalled then re-installed App.]


Hi blurivoman it sounds like the same problem as the Samsung galaxy s7 edge as I had the exact same problem last year and no matter how many times of installing and uninstalling the app on the galaxy it would only work a couple of times and then back to square one so I would have to use a tablet or a computer and use the internet for to get access to my account ( which is a pain ) up until I changed my phone I'm sorry I don't have any more ideas to help you fix the problem as I would have tried the exact same thing except for to get another phone that works with the app



How do I get a temporary access code

Hi @Megan97, I'm sorry to hear that you're having issues logging in online. Please follow the instructions in this link so we can look into this for you.


Hi, any thoughts on using the app on a Tesco hudl 2? All info input correctly but it fails on the password. This is exactly the same password that I can log in with on my laptop from Chrome. I have had no trouble setting up the app on my HTC One mobile phone using the same information.



Hi there @beagle



The Hudl 2 is no longer a supported device for our Banking App. Users can no longer update the App on the Hudl so there is no guarantee it will function properly. I apologise for any inconvenience.


Hi there,

I have just moved over from iOS to Android using the Samsung S8.


It says that the application is not compatible with my device. When will this be a supported phone?