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Are there times when I cannot access or make transactions using the Mobile Banking App?

There may be times, planned or unplanned, when Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App are unavailable. If they’re not available you can always contact us by phone and we’ll do what we can to help.


For your protection we can block your access to the Mobile Banking App. We’ll only do this if we think it’s necessary to protect your accounts.


I have received an email saying that in future you will send one time access codes to my mobile when I want to make an online purchase.  I don't have a mobile signal at my house so what do I do?

Hi @gatesf, thanks for getting in touch. If you have poor mobile phone signal, you can enter your landline number as your preferred contact number for the passcode meaning we can send the code to you this way. I hope this helps!

But then when I am not at home and I want to buy something on-line, do I then have to change the number again to my mobile???

You'll be given the option every time you make a purchase @gatesf, so you won't need to change the number :)