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What is Midata?

Midata is a government initiative introduced to help improve transparency across the banking sector. It allows you to upload your transactional information to independent comparison sites and compare different current accounts. 

We will make available to you accurate and up to date descriptions of the personal information we hold so you can feel confident and assured in exercising control over how your data is used.

Midata downloads provide transactions for the last 13 months, or for the length your account has been open if under 13 months, and will exclude the last 30 days of your transaction history to protect your security. Your personal information such as name, address, sort code, account number and payee details are also removed from the midata file to protect your identity. 

Once you download the file, you are responsible for the security of the information contained within it, and use of this information is at your own risk. We cannot guarantee how securely other organisations will process your information. See How do I keep my Midata file safe?

The banks and comparison sites involved in midata have agreed to a code of practice on how it should work. You can see the code and more information on midata at

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