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How do I keep my Midata file safe?

Once you download the file, you are responsible for the security of the information contained within it, and use of this information is at your own risk as we cannot guarantee how securely other organisations will process your information.


We suggest that you:


  • Carefully consider who you provide your midata file to. Before you upload your file to any company check their privacy policy to make sure you understand how they will use your data and that they have signed up to the Midata Code of Practice.
  • Make sure you keep the file secure, for example by having security software installed on the device you are using. You can find more detailed information about how to protect your device at the Get Safe Online website.
  • Make sure your file is encrypted if you are emailing your file or saving it to a USB stick.


When downloading midata for a joint account, please make sure you have permission from the other person to use this information.


Never share your online banking details with anyone else, including any third party such as a comparison site.

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