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What happens when I apply for a Tesco Bank loan?

When you apply for a loan, a credit reference search will be carried out and a credit score will be calculated based on the information you enter and your credit reference information. This will determine if we’re able to offer you a loan and you’ll receive one of the following decisions:


  • Approve – We’re happy to offer you a loan. If it's just you applying you may be offered the ability to sign your loan agreement digitally and get your funds next day, or the same day if you are logged in to Tesco Bank when you apply.
  • Approve in principle – We may be able to offer you a loan, but need a bit more information from you before we can fully approve your loan
  • Refer – In some circumstances we may need some more information from you before we’re able to make a decision. We'll contact you, if necessary.
  • Declined – We're unable to offer you a loan. If you've been declined as a result of a Credit Reference Agency search, we recommend you obtain a copy of your credit file and check the information on it before reapplying or applying for credit elsewhere.

If your application is approved or approved in principle:


  • You’ll receive some important documents within five days, which you’ll need to check, sign and return to us.
  • We may also request some additional documents to support your application, such as proof of your identity or address. You must send these with your signed loan documents.
  • Once we receive your signed loan documents, with any supporting documentation we requested, we'll make some final checks.
  • Once we're happy with the information you've sent, we'll fully approve your loan and pay the money into your bank account.

Please note: your loan offer is valid for 30 days from the date you applied, so it's important you return your documents to us before your offer expires.

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I have the same problem. What is the CET department ?

Same problem, nearly a week and no reply??

Hi @Jane2624 & @Princess

CET account will show as a member of the Community and this is where we would ask you to pass on any personal details so that we can look into customer queries. If you click on the text here - @CET it will take you onto the page. On the right hand side there is the option 'Send this user a private message' as shown below.


Thank you for your reply, I was accepted the delay was it takes 2 working days (not weekends) for funds to be transferred even on a digital signature, just felt like a long time, I was unconditionally accepted and needed to divide no further information to the loan company, 5the funds went in yesterday .



I applied for a loan online on 3 December and received paperwork on Saturday 10th December saying it had been accepted in principle. I sent the required documentation on Monday 12th December but am eager to find out the final decision as I've found a car I want and have put a deposit down. I am due to pick it up next Wednesday (21st) so obviously need to have the funds by then. If it has been turned down then I obviously need to explore other avenues.


Hope you can help :)

Hi, it just took forever and each time I called I was told something different, the main thing I can work out is it will take a min of 48 working hours from the documents being received to funds being released this is 48-mon/fri hours not weekends. I did receive a text when the funds had been sent, but that was the only communication they had with me, fingers crossed it all clears in time for you x


I am very sorry for the delay in getting back to you. Have you since had your decision? If not then please follow my instruction in the previous post by sending your contact details to our @CET account so that we can look into this for you.

I am really sorry for the conflicting information you were given @Annie25 although I am happy that all has since been resolved!

I had a text message on the 13/12/16 to say I was accepted and papers will be sent to me but I haven't received them yet ??

I applied for a loan yesterday which was accepted. After I'd completed the application, I was asked to complete some online.l verification questions which I did. The application then said the money would be in my account within 24 hours. It hasn't quite been 24 hours yet but I've literally heard nothing since. Is this normal? Thanks.

Hi @tonijo1990 sorry to hear you haven't received any documents from us. These normally take around 5-8 business days to get to you but they may take slightly longer due to the time of year. If you send @CET a private message though we have look into this for you and find out what's happening with the documents. 


In the private message please include your name, date of birth and postcode with a space between each character