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How long will it take to get my loan?

If you apply online, you’ll get an immediate decision and, if eligible, can digitally sign your loan agreement with us. We’ll then use Faster Payments to send the money directly to your bank account, usually on the same day, and the money can be withdrawn as soon as the funds reach your account.


If you apply over the phone, or if we require some supporting documentation, it may take between 5-10 days for us to check everything is ok and make a final decision. Once we make a final decision, we’ll use Faster Payments to send the money directly to your bank account, usually on the same day, and you can withdraw the money as soon as the funds reach your account.

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Hi @Beckyleigh92, @bakerd90 once you've completed your online application and signed digitally it can take a further 48hrs for your funds to credit your account. We would normally let you know by text when this is likely to happen, we also don't send out email confirmation when applying for a loan. If you require any more information on this then please give us a call on 03453073425 (Mon-Fri: 8am-10pm and Sat-Sun: 9am-5pm) and my colleagues will help.

@Peggy123 - You would have been given an on screen decision once your application had been complete. If you're unsure then please call on the number I've provided above :-)


Don't know if I sent the digital signature back properly 

many thanks 

Hi @Peggy123, have you been able to call the number to check yet? Our team will definitely be able to check for you :-)

Hi @bakerd90 and @Peggy123, I'm sorry to hear that you've both had delays in your loan applications. If you call our team on 0345 600 6016, available 8am - 10pm on weekdays and 9am - 5pm at the weekend, they can check on the progress of your applications. 


I applied for a loan online and have been accepted - I signed my digital signature and went through the ID checks - was told funds would be within 24 hours - this was on Tuesday - how long do we usualy have to wait?

Hi @mtaylor71, it can take a full working day for the application to be processed and sent to your personal account. If no funds have arrived in your account by now, please call the number I mentioned in my last post and our team will check into this for you. 




I applied for a loan but it kept timing out. I rang up and was advised what to do to prevent this happening again. I went through the whole process again (several attempts). The same thing happened but I did get one step further. My application was successful but it timed out again. Now I'm unsure if the documents will be sent out in the post or not? I don't want to sit in a queue for ages (again) on the phone. Is there another way I can see how far my application got?

Thanks :-)

Hi @Ell03, to discuss the application and to find out what stage it's at, we would need to speak with you over the phone. Our Loans team are available 7 days a week, and it can be quieter over the weekend. They're open 8am - 10pm on weekdays and 9am - 5pm Saturday and Sunday. 




I applied for a loan on Sunday afternoon and I've not heard anything yet. Is there anything I should be doing? Is there anyway I can check the progress? 




I applied for a loan over 2 weeks ago and I still havent heard  anything