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Junior Cash ISA

How long will it take for a cheque deposit to appear in my Account?

If we receive and process your cheque on a business day, your money will be available to spend and will start earning interest before midnight on the next Business Day. For example, if we receive your cheque on a Friday, your money will be available and start earning interest before midnight on Monday. You can check your payment has been successful by logging into our Mobile Banking App or by logging into Online Banking.


Posted a cheque on 27th May using a provided Free post envelope.

By the 4th June there was no sign of this deposit in my current account.

Phoned customer services to be told that there was no evidence of such a deposit and there was no way they could confirm whether the cheque was ever received. Advised to cancel cheque with the issuer. 

Cancelled cheque that day with Standard Life Aberdeen and am awaiting a further re-issued cheque to arrive.

Deposit has now appeared in my Tesco account today!!

The cheque clearing time scale stated above is nowhere near what actually happened.

All what has happened has been a total waste of time and i will now have to wait up to 3 weeks for my new cheque to arrive, as the previous cheque is likely to be returned by Tesco to Standard Life Aberdeen as blocked.

The previous system of cheque deposit in store was much more convenient with proof of deposit given at the time.

I have no confidence at all in this current Freepost system and will not be using it again!


Thanks for getting in touch @briandoc, sorry to hear this has happened. You can also send cheques to the address detailed in the link below. The timescales mentioned are from when we receive the cheque in to our cheque processing centre. I’ll pass on your comments as feedback and I’m really sorry if this has caused you inconvenience.