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When do I receive interest on my Internet Saver Account?

Standard Rate Interest is paid into your Account on the 31st March.

Any Bonus Interest earned is paid at the end of the Bonus Period, which is anniversary of your account opening.


Hi, I have had an Internet Saver account with a bonus rate for a year. Today the account will become easy access acount with a lower interest rate. Am I allowed to open another Internet saver account to get the new bonus rate and transfer my savings over? not sure how this all works, but want my money to work as hard as possible. Thanks for any help.

@wendij Thanks for getting in touch. You can certainly apply for a new Internet Saver and transfer the funds over. As for the interest awarded on your existing account, please privately message us @CET with your full name, DOB and postcode, so I can look into this for you.

Hi, Just wanted to say a big thankyou to Joel & Thomas C for resolving my queries. You've been really helpful.

You're welcome Wendy. If you need anything else, please get back in touch.