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Internet Saver

How do I move money out of my Internet Saver Account?

 You can move money out of your account:


  • Tesco Bank Online Banking or via the Mobile App - You can move up to £10,000 a day to a non Tesco Bank linked account in your own name and up to £100,000 a day to other Tesco Bank accounts in your own name
  • Tesco Bank Telephone Banking - Call us on 0345 678 5678* to withdraw larger amounts.


*This number may be included as part of any inclusive call minutes provided by your phone operator.


What can I do,?

I've tried numerous times to get this sorted, I have sent you a statement to confirm a linked account I want to set up is a valid account, please note this was a linked account I've used for a number of years, but it was removed late April by yourselves (think it was a change in confitions). Whilst you removed another linked account I had, I have been able relink that one !

I have sent you a statement from that account as requested - but still I hear nothing and its been 7 days now. Can you please suggest I way forward. Thanks

Hi @MargiR, I'm sorry to hear that. Can you give our team a call so we can discuss this in further detail? You can reach them on 0345 678 5678 and lines are open Mon - Fri: 8am - 10pm and Sat - Sun: 9am - 5pm - Ross

I don’t appear to be able to move money out of my internet savings account - it keeps failing and asks me to try again - I’ve tried adding a linked account and still can’t move money - someone please help me! 

Hi @aggiepud, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues making a payment. Could you please message @Tesco-Bank directly with your full name, DOB and postcode so we can take a closer look? 

Will do it now thank you