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How do I get a refund?

If you opted to send cash directly to a bank account or mobile wallet then you’ll need to contact MoneyGram® on 0800 026 0327. If you opted to send cash for a cash collection visit the Tesco store where you completed the transaction for a refund. You’ll need your original transaction documents to complete the refund.


Hello. I'm not sure where to post this. On 20th February I used my Tesco credit card to pay a deposit of £300 (£150 per person) for my husband and myself for a cruise around Europe and South America departing on 17th November 2020 with Hays Travel agents. We waited for confirmation details / something in writing / email of our itinerary, flight times etc. Meanwhile more details of the corona virus came to light and of how it was spreading. We felt it would be foolish to travel until the situation improved so we returned to the travel agents and cancelled the cruise. As we had not yet arranged our travel insurance we were unable to get a refund. I wish to request a refund of £300 from yourselves under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Thanking you.

Hi @knitnut, I'm sorry to hear about that. Was the cruise cancelled by the merchant or yourself? I'm afraid we're only able to dispute transactions where the merchant hasn't provided the goods or services you've paid for. If the cruise is still going ahead, this wouldn't be something we're able to look into unfortunately - Caroline

I have paid for a hotel  with my credit card.

Due to the instructions of the government I will not be travelling and the hotel will not issue a refund.

can I get a refund from you as I paid via this credit card.

I am a hardworking individual with three young kids who had paid £1200 to a business in Scarborough for week at Easter.  My mum is 80 and also on the booking form. They are refusing to refund money although Scottish government state only “necessary travel”. £1200 is a lot of money to lose and nothing to show for it.  Help please 

Hi @Carol45, sorry to hear about this. You can find information about the steps to take here:


Alternatively, you can call our Disputes Team on 0345 366 2711 (Mon - Fri: 8am - 6pm, Sat: 9am - 2pm) who will be able to have a chat with you about our process and see if we can get it refunded. 

Hi, I booked a hotel in Rome for 4 April and with the current advise this is not going ahead. The hotel will not refund the money. Can i use Section 75 to reclaim the money because i purchased it with my credit card. Thanks

Hi @ae2000, you will be able to follow the instructions above to see what we can do to help. 

I purchased a euro tunnel ticket last year. It was a standard ticket so no refund if cancelled but I could move the date by a maximum of one year. We had to do this as my wife was ill. She has MS. The date chosen is 11th May 2020. At present the euro tunnel is still operating to Calais but as its not essential travel the French police turn you back. I asked euro tunnel to extend again. They wont because they are still running trains even though your turned back. Can I now make a claim on my credit card for this ticket.  

Hi @HAMPTON58, sorry to hear about this. You can find information about the steps to take here:


Once you follow the link you'll be able to submit an online form and one of my colleagues in the Disputes team will review your claim. Please be aware that the team are very busy at the moment so it may take longer than usual for them to get back in touch. We appreciate your patience at this busy time. Hope this helps – Caroline



Tesco bank has no e:mail address for me to send this to so I am resorting to this.  I have private messaged you with more detail so I am hoping someone will get back to me to advise.  However, I am concerned no-one will see it so here is the bare bones of my complaint.


On 26 / 10 / 2018, I paid a deposit for a car for £750.00 from Autozone cars Coleraine using my Tesco Bank credit card. 
I am claiming that Autozone cars Coleraine is in breach of contract because they are refusing to return a deposit for a car. The background is that in Sept 2018 we left a deposit of £750 for a used car but less than 24 hours later, we rang to explain that because of unique circumstances, we could not go ahead with the purchase. They said they would not refund us but they would hold it against another purchase. We gave them more than a year to source a suitable car but they were unable to find anything. We tried to help them find something by constantly moving the goalposts re what we wanted but they were not able to source anything for us. In Feb 2020 I asked them for the deposit back as they couldn't get us a car - they offered us £375. I queried why it wouldn't be the full amount since they had not had any loss (they sold the original car shortly after) and we did not receive any service or goods, but they withdrew the offer and have cut off all contact. The car we had originally wanted had been in the forecourt, it wasn't ordered specially nor was it having anything special adapted for us. Plus we had contacted them less than 24 hours later so they hadn't actually done anything for us in that time. . 
I have tried unsuccessfully to resolve this dispute with the retailer. Under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, you are jointly and severally liable for any breaches committed by the retailer. I would now like to get a refund. 
I would be grateful if you could respond within 14 days.