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Instant Access Saver

Can I deposit cash into my Instant Access Savings Account in store?

Yes. Using your Instant Access Savings Account card you can deposit cash at the Tesco Customer Service Desk in selected UK Tesco stores (for availability please see Banking in Tesco Stores).


Please note we cannot accept coins or £1 notes and the maximum daily amount that can be deposited is £5,000. 



i called up today and was told the maximum i can pay in cash into my savings account was £ 500.00 , can somebody please clarify this as i have around £ 4000,00 i need to pay in following a garage sale, and recent car sale 

Hi @gordonmac69, thanks for getting in touch. If you have an instant access savings account then you are right in saying that the maximum you can deposit is £500 in store. In order to do this, you would have to provide your savings card.

Not all Tesco stores offer this service so I have attached a link to our store finder so you can check if you have the option to do this at your local store. If you see an option which says 'Deposit Money', you'll be able to do this. I hope this helps! :-)