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Help with Monarch Airlines

Help With Monarch Airlines

Credit and debit card customers who have booked flights with Monarch from 15th December 2016 onwards can file a claim for a refund. Please send a copy of your invoice and booking details to including your full name and postcode in the subject line and we will progress your claim as soon as possible.


Customers who booked on or before 14th December 2016 will need to claim directly with ATOL or the CAA.


We will be contacting all customers individually to provide an update on their claim in the coming days.

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I have had a reply from Tesco, to say that my Monarch flight payment has been refunded and Monarch

have 45 days to contest this.

Thank you

However that was a week ago, have you any idea when it will be in my account






Thank you KeiganM.  I will try @CET.  sorry to go on about it, merely wanting confirmation that my claim has been

received and that it is not deficient in detail and paperwork.


KeiganM, I have had no response from you re my postal claim as mentioned in my post. Please can you let me know if postal claims are being treated the same as emails and have you received my claim.

I am getting extremely unhappy with response and increasingly worried that I will ever get my refund.


Just wondering if I am not getting a response as I do not put @KieganM so trying now. Please respond.


Hi, @Yesleks, postal and email claims are being dealt with in date of order received. If your claim was received on or after the 9th then it will be reviewed within 6-8 weeks of receipt and we will be in contact once it has been completed. I hope you can appreciate the large volume of claims received and that we are working through these as quick as possible. 


As for the refunds @irregularhoops, the transaction should appear on your statement and will be reflected in your balance. Has your balance gone down? 


@RossM Thank you for your response.  My balance has not gone down yet, so will have to pay tornew flights before refund! 

Although you say they are being dealt with in 6-8 weeks you still havenot actually confirmed receipt of my clam! I suppose just haveto keep waiting and hope for the best.


I'm sorry to hear that you've not had any confirmation yet @Yesleks. If you send a message to our @CET account with your name, DOB and postcode, we can look into that for you. 


When you send your details, please leave additional spaces between your DOB and postcode l i k e t h i s.


as per message instruction above
name: Removed by system
DOB: Removed by system
post code: Removed by system
Hope this is sufficient information for you.



Sorry if this has been asked before.  Part of my booking with Monarch was paid for by redeeming tesco clubcard vouchers.  Am I able to get a refund for this?

Hi @Yesleks, please private message us your name, DOB and postcode.


When you send your details, please leave additional spaces between your DOB and postcode l i k e t h i s.