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Help with Monarch Airlines

Help With Monarch Airlines

Credit and debit card customers who have booked flights with Monarch from 15th December 2016 onwards can file a claim for a refund. Please send a copy of your invoice and booking details to including your full name and postcode in the subject line and we will progress your claim as soon as possible.


Customers who booked on or before 14th December 2016 will need to claim directly with ATOL or the CAA.


We will be contacting all customers individually to provide an update on their claim in the coming days.

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Whilst I appreciate that the workload of processing claims may well be significant, surely a simple auto response

indicating the claim email had been received would at least reassure customers that their claim had been received.

I submitted mine on 9th Oct.  I would be more happy to know it had been received and would then be content to wait until mine gets to the top of the settlement pile.  


I totally agree 886lad !

I want to provide everyone with an update with regards to this and our current expected timescales. Claims received between the 02/10/2017 and 08/10/2017 will be worked by the end of October. If you’ve made your claim after the 09/10/2017 will be reviewed within 6-8 weeks. For those who have yet to make a claim, please email your claim to (please include your full name, postcode and Monarch invoice) and we will contact you when the claim has been processed.


RossM - thank you this is helpful.  However, I still feel that some sort of confirmation of receipt of the claim is

necessary.  Based on what you say (6-8 weeks)it looks like my claim may not be sorted until mid December.  If

only then is it said that my claim was deficient in some way or not received then I will be somewhat upset of what

will be then further delay.  Having been forced to pay for a replacement flight, refund of that already spent on the 

original flight is important without undue delay - though I do appreciate the workload involved.


I have heard nothing from Tesco, I would have hoped for an automated acknowledgement of receipt of completed dispute form and relevant paperwork.  Is there anyway of confirming that it has been received, as I have had to payout for replacement flights and need to know a refund will be forthcoming as soon as possible.

I sent the form on 7th October.

Hi @886lad, when you send an email to the Disputes address, there should be an acknowledgement sent in response. Check your junk folder to see if anything has arrived – Scott


Thanks ScottW.  Like Yesleks I have received nothing. (junk checked)  Have you personally received an auto

response to your claim?  If you have, then I will have to consider sending another claim since it would perhaps indicate that my first one has somehow gone astray.


886lad I posted my claim and have not received any acknowledgement.  I did receive an auto response when I emailed to ask if they could confirm receipt but it was not relevant to my question.


Hi @Yesleks and @886lad, I'm really sorry about this. Which address did you send your email to? The address that all disputes should go to is If you have sent it to this address, please contact us @CET with your DOB and postcode. For details like your DOB and postcode we ask for you to format it with additional spaces, i.e. A B 1 2 C D and 2 4 1 0 2 0 1 6, otherwise the information is removed by the system.


KeiganM thank you for your reaponse, but the whole point is I sent my form by Post in the prepaid envelope provided by yourselves.  Do I have to send it by email again as this will delay matters even longer.  I posted my form on 7th October!!!!!!!