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online statements

Occasional Poster

online statements

i have a tesco credit card for about 2 months now, and i have ticked the boxes

for email statements and not paper, but im not getting the statements!

there are no problems with my emails, and the only reason im not missing a payment

is i set up a text alert to make a payment at end of each month, and the text alert

is coming through fine, but not emails. i also recently added something to my address

online, and it said we have sent you an email confirming your update, and that didnt

come through either! any one have any ideas what might be wrong?

any help gratefully received!

Your Community Expert

Re: online statements

Hi @juditorquay, I'm sorry to hear that you're not receiving the emails. If everything has been set up correctly then you should be receiving these. Can I ask if you've checked your Junk/Spam folder to ensure that the emails are not being received there? Can you check your 'Safe/Blocked Senders' list to ensure that our emails are not being blocked?  


If this problem persists can you contact our online helpdesk on 0345 300 3511 (24/7), so we can investigate why this is happening? 

Community Manager

Re: online statements

@juditorquay - I hope Ross's solution was able to help resolve the issue?


If you found it helpful, please can you accept the solution so that it is stored for other customers?



Occasional Poster

Re: online statements

thanks,  i went through my blocked senders, and for some reason the tesco address

was in there, must have done it without concentrating! have now remedied this,

updated something in my tesco acct and received an email confirming the change!

thanks for help!!