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Will I loose interest free promotion?

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Will I loose interest free promotion?



My credit card payment was due and I logged on and made a payment through my mobile phone. Logged on again since then and somehow my payment never went through. I made another payment straight away and have confirmed this time the payment was accepted although still not showing on my online banking yet.

My worry is that I will loose my interest free promotion? I've never been late paying before and wasn't deliberately this time. I will even pay more monthly if it means I can get my interest free promotion?

I will also be setting up a direct debit to stop this happening again in future.

Please can someone help!

Your Community Expert

Re: Will I loose interest free promotion?

Hi @Charlened055, I'm sorry to hear the payment didn't go though. If you made this through the app then it can take 2 working days to reach us so this could be why the payments not yet showing. Could you please privately message us at Tesco-Bank with your full name, DOB and postcode so we can take a closer look?