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Trying to make a credit card payment from outside the UK

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Trying to make a credit card payment from outside the UK

I'm on holiday outside the UK and tried to log in to my credit card account to make a payment.
I was told you had to send a verification code to my mobile or landline - neither of which operate in my current location.
Can you send the verification code by email or suggest another way to make my payment? 

I've been trying to get an answer to this via Twitter and your Facebook page for 2 days and got no reply. 


I've spent hours trying to get this sorted out.
This is a truly terrible site and a very poor way to communicate with your customers who are trying to pay you!

If you tell me to do that @CET thing mentioned in some of the posts, you need to explain HOW because hardly anybody seems to know how to do it and I don't understand it. 

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Re: Trying to make a credit card payment from outside the UK

Sorry to hear that you are having trouble making a payment to your credit card account whilst abroad.


We wouldn’t be able to send any temporary security codes or access codes via email I’m afraid. For security reasons, these can only be sent to either a contact number or an address that we hold for you on file.


I apologise for the wait in receiving a response both on here and on social media, we are extremely busy at the moment. To send a message to the CET account, click on @CET then on the CET user page there is an option to ‘send this user a private message’. This option can be found within the ‘Contact Me’ box located on the right hand side of the page.


Regarding other ways to make a payment to your credit card. If you give us a call you can do so without incurring charges. Dial our international number +44 1268 508 027 (24/7), then ask the operator to reverse the call charge at the beginning of the call. Alternatively, you can pay using the online banking from your own bank, just use sort code 406415, account number 31310006 and reference as your 16 digit card number.


I apologise for the inconvenience this situation has caused you