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Tesco Bank App (Android) Crashes on startup

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Tesco Bank App (Android) Crashes on startup

Hi, I've downloaded the Tesco Bank App for Android (Samsung Galaxy S10+) and it loads the splash screen but as soon as I click on "Let's get started" it closes the app immediately without any error messages.


I've tried re-installing it several times, checked all permissions are granted in app settings, restarted the phone, cleared the cache, ensured there is no battery optimisation being performed, tried both Wifi/4G etc. etc. but it continues to be an issue (for several months so spanning lots of different versions I've tried from the Play Store).


I've sent crash reports which include system logs through the feedback feature but have never had a response from the developers. The system logs suggest the exception class name is r.wG but this offers little clues as to the cause.


Does anyone have any advice on how I can resolve this short of doing a full factory reset of my phone?




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Re: Tesco Bank App (Android) Crashes on startup

Hi @kilgourpaul, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with the app! You'd be best to call our Online Helpdesk team on 0345 300 3511 (24/7) so they can take a closer look into this for you. I hope this helps.