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Interest charge on Credit Card

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Interest charge on Credit Card



This does not really relate to your post, but I am not sure where to post this.


I have been charged interest on my credit card and I am not sure why when I have paid atleast the minimum amount each month. Can you direct me to someone that can help?





Your Community Expert

Re: Interest charge on Credit Card

Hi @laurah88,


Thank you for your post. 


How long have you had the card for and is it still on 0% for purchases? If the 0% purchases offer has expired then you will be charged interest on the outstanding balance on your credit card. This applies even if you make the minimum payment. 


If your card is still within the 0% purchase period I would advise contacting them on 0345 300 4278. This way someone can clarify everything for you. 


I hope this helps.


Many thanks,


Josh - Customer Care