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Direct Debit not taken

Little helper

Direct Debit not taken

I have DD set up to pay minimum payment every month.  For some reasons, last month the money was not taken and I now received a letter to inform me that you will remove my promotional 0% rate.  I have checked online my Tesco DD is still set up and my Halifax account DD is still set up.  I am very worry about the removal of my 0% promotional rate.  I am not able to call you because I am abroad.  Please reply to me by email or to text message me on ****.  I believe its Tesco bank mistake that my DD did not go through.  Can you please double check and confirm that you will reinstate my 0% promotional rate on my credit card.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.




[**Mod note: Personal info removed for security reasons**]

In the know

Re: Direct Debit not taken

Good evening, I’m sorry to hear your Direct Debit hasn’t been collected and you’ve received communication stating your promotional offer is being removed.


As you are abroad your best bet would be to send a Private Message to @Tesco-Bank. Please include your full name, date of birth and postcode along and someone will reply to you.


To send a Private Message click on the Tesco Bank link in this reply and on the next page you’ll see the option.


I hope you’re able to get this resolved as soon as possible.