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Card blocked while Abroad

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Card blocked while Abroad



I  came to india for delivery and due to some  health issues, I  had to stay here for a while.

While coming back to India , I vacated my  house in UK.  My card was blocked and unable to withdraw money from card in India.


A subsequent call to resolve this issue resulted  in failing security over a very obscure question  and then a  call centre operative  said  he would send a new security passcode to my home address where I  am not living anymore , despite me saying I would be away for few months and it was unacceptable that my money (most of which is destined to my delivery expenses) was unavailable to  me.


I am totally unsure how to procede. If anyone could get somebody in the right department to call us or give us a direct phone number to a supervisor so we can resolve this grave problem for me.








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Re: Card blocked while Abroad


Hi @PREETHIV5, I'm sorry to hear that. So we can get this resolved for you can you please give our team a call anytime on +441268 508 027? The advisor will take some details and we can see what we can do to assist you.