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Apple Pay for Visa Debit Cards

Just Getting Started

Re: Apple Pay

To be fair it was supposed to be 2016 and saying it will be available but no set date yet is akin to me saying I will die but I am not sure when. Its a pointless statement. When will your bank joing the rest of the western world banks and allow your debit cards onto Apple pay. The infrastructure is there as your credit cards work of them so it wont be an arduous task to get the VISA support for your cards.


Keen Poster

Re: Apple Pay

I have a feeling that we might be getting closer to Apple Pay for Visa Debit cards.

When trying to add my card, I used to get this message:




But now, I get past that point, and get this instead:




After pressing "Agree", it doesn't say "this card isn't usable with Apple Pay", but instead says there's been an error and tells me to try again later.


So, maybe, just maybe...

Your Community Expert

Re: Apple Pay

Hi everyone! We just wanted to give you an update on where we are right now with Apple Pay and current accounts. 


You'll all be happy to know that we’re working on it! Our debit cards are Visa, so we need to put in place different technology for current accounts to support Apple Pay. We can’t commit to a specific date yet, but rest assured we want to make banking easier for you, and we will let you know here soon in Community once the plans are more final.


I hope that helps, and we can't wait to get you all set up on your iPhones and Apple Watches (or am I the only person still using one?!)

Star Contributor

Re: Apple Pay

Great news re: Apple Pay.


Hopefully my communication with customer services will lead to higher value payments in store (I believe both Sainsbury's and Aldi/Lidl allow these) even though PayQwiq is just as great.


Am still using my Apple Watch too @ScottW - my Series 0 at work and my Series 2 when I'm at home!

Frequent Browser

Re: Apple Pay


Tried to add my Tesco Debit card this morning and it worked. Went to a supermarket and did some shopping. Paid with Apple Pay no issues :-)
Occasional Poster

Re: Apple Pay

At last! 

Setup and successfully completed a purchase using my Apple Watch!

At lot easier now I don't have to get out my purse and pullout the plastic cards.