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Android Pay / Samsung Pay

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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

This clearly has not been solved and you are treating customers with android devices as second class customers. Appalling. Your Pay+ app is near useless. I would advise anyone to seek an alternative credit card company. One that shows that it cares for all of its customers and not just the ones with an apple device.

Get a grip and get it sorted.

Remove the Solved flag from this thread as it is not solved.

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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

Hi @daftyman, we haven't marked this as solved, it's been one of the other users on this forum. It wouldn't be our place to reverse this as it's a decision that's been made by another customer. However, we will still keep this thread open for comments of feedback, as our customer's feedback is important to us. Whilst we still don't have an update, I've taken on your comments on board as feedback.

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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

I can see from your post that you are angry and I can to a degree understand that having a new phone and not to be able to use it with Google Pay is flustrating


But for me I have both systems Apple and Android for diffrent parts of my life, I have never been tempted to use Google Pay as it can be used on an unlocked phone for purchases of up to £30, just by waking the phone up and placing the device against the terminal, so not really secure, as a lost Andriod phone can be used by the finder to place multiple purchases just by tapping any terminal 


An Apple device requires you to use either face reconition or Fingerprint reconision before any payment can be made so that is my choice, and as nothing to do with the operating system


As for Tesco Pay I really value it and use it weekly in my local tesco store and the £250 limit is useful most week, although I accept it cannot be used outside of the Tesco Network


So maybe the extra security offered by Apple is the reason Tesco favour it as they are ultimatly responsible for payments on their card  

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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

I would like to dispell the insecure myth posted above about Android pay as it is just wrong.


I have used Android Pay for years now with Nationwide and since then I swtiched to Samsung Pay and the myth that a 'found' phone can be used by someone else is wrong, very wrong no mater which of the above apps you use, though maybe you can change this in the settings!


When you setup Android Pay it insists on you setting up a screen lock and will not work when this is disabled, so if someone finds you phone they need to unlock it it to pay for anything, usually with a finger print of password just like iOS so it's wrong to say anyone can just use it, maybe there is an option to configure it differently but I never did it, mine was secure it was the first thing I tested when I got it and I still do fairly regularly now just in case.


Furthermore if you switch to Samsung Pay like I did they offer additional security options if you want to use a different code than your unlock one you can do, or a different finger!!! They also offer payment tracking and a few other bonuses, on top of this you have to swipe up from the home screen to bring the app up to use it!


The only thing I am aware of which arguable is insecure but it also OPTIONAL is on Samsung  pay you can setup a 'Transport Card' with this you can pay for Oyseter with your screen still locked, though as I say it's optional and it only works with certain tavel providers and low value, but personally I love this feature, if my phone gets stolen it will be remotely wiped that day anyway so the most they will get is 1 days travel on the underground which I probably wouldn't get back, oh well I'll that that hit for the convinience.


Finally if you are really that worried about NFC, Add it to your Settings Toolbar and disable it when not used, I have a friend who does this all the time, personally I tested and am happy with the setup I have, however this option is available if you want it!

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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

Its not a myth I have a Pixel 3XL and I can make payments up to £30 by just waking up my phone, no need to use a passwword or fingerprint 


See Google Help for more details 


Screenshot 2019-07-11 19.06.18.png


to prove or disprove this try it next time your out


But I agree with you as far as Samsung Pay is concerned that you do need to unlock the phone, but with a none Samsung Andriod phone you don't, I have a long record of discussions with Google over this 




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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

It seems my screenshot did not travel well so here it is again in a different format 

just google help for Google Pay 





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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

You may as well shut this thread down. Clearly there are no plans to allow customers the ability to use Tesco card with Android Pay. It's been asked for incessantly for years now and the same response is provided by yourselves. Big yawn. I sincerely hope you feel it where it hurts. Move with the times or move on.... For me, I'll be moving on instead.
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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

So you support apple pay happily but you have no plans for Google pay? Maybe we as customers should vote with our feet and shop and bank elsewhere
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Re: Android Pay / Samsung Pay

Tesco Banks total refusal to add Android Pay has resulted in my switching banks which will complete tomorrow. I've closed all 4 savings accounts, my current account and my two credit cards. We have also stopped using the Delivery Saver as the benefits are no longer what they once were. So Tesco has now lost a very large proportion of my business because they are too slow to react to customer demands.


My new back supports android pay and as a frequent traveller in London this has already made my life that much easier, being able to use my phone instead of having to get my card out to go on London Transport it simply lovely. It's little things like this that please customers. Secure or not, it's for the customer to decide what technology they want to use and for you as a bank to listen and support us. 


This isn't the only reason I am leaving the bank, I feel other banks offer more and that Tesco is so uncompelling now as an offering. I signed up as soon as the bank opened and hoped for better things. Instead I find Tesco bank overall a poor showing offering little value and more ddificult banking. So Bye bye Tesco Bank. Years of not listening results in customers leaving. Don't expect me to be recomeneding your services any time soon.