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The top five tips to help you get going


The top five tips to help you get going

Welcome to Your Community – it’s great to have you on board.


If you’re new here, we’ve got some top tips to see you through your first time with us. But really, it’s super easy. Your Community is a great place to post questions and share answers, or just browse for great tips and ideas.


Tip 1:

Save our URL: in your browser favourites – that way you can find us as soon as you need help or an answer to a specific question.


Tip 2:

Take a look at your profile section, choose your avatar (there are loads to pick from) and select your email alert preferences. An email is triggered by any action you make – but you can change this if you prefer.


Tip 3:

Once you’ve read our Getting Started board, head over to Day-to-Day Banking. It’s a great way to get familiar with how the community works, with questions on topics such as online and mobile banking. Once you’ve dipped your toe in the water, why not try posting your first question?


Tip 4:

Your post is a great place to share a question – but please don’t share personal information such as your account number, credit card or contact details. Just remember: posts are not private and can be viewed by anyone.


Tip 5:

Have fun – but keep an eye on our House Rules. They’re designed to keep Your Community friendly and informative and most importantly, safe.