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Meet Your Community


Meet Your Community

Your Community from Tesco Bank has a number of different members – some are already part of the Tesco Bank team, others are here to help keep Your Community safe and fun.


Roles in Your Community



They’re the people that keep an eye on the activity on Your Community on a day-to-day basis. They’ll be the guardians of the House Rules and will make sure everyone plays fair.  They’ll often get in on conversations and may reply to your post to keep it flowing – don’t be afraid to respond, they’re here to help.


Your Community Experts

These guys know Tesco Bank really well and are on the lookout to see if they can be of any help. They’ll also check that  posts provide the right information connecting you with other teams if necessary.


Community Managers

They’re the people who keep Your Community healthy, active and helpful every single day. They’ll often be in touch with the most active users and are on hand to help solve problems that can’t be answered by Your Community members.


Tesco Bank Employees

Naturally, Tesco Bank employees know our products well – so having them in Your Community is really important. Best of all, they’re here to share information and tips from a personal perspective - as you would expect their opinions are not endorsed by Tesco Bank.