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House Rules


House Rules

Our House Rules


Your Community from Tesco Bank is a place where our customers and colleagues can share support, answers and discuss our products and services.


Please help us to create and protect an environment that is positive and safe. We want Your Community to be appropriate, friendly, informative and fun for everyone.


Tesco Bank reserves the right of its moderators to edit, move, block or delete any message, signature or image that they consider inappropriate or disturbing to the community or ban any member at our sole discretion.  


If you need to comment on a moderation action, please send us a private message so we can help.


If you would like to make a formal complaint about the services we provide, please visit for more information.


Behaviour we encourage

Be courteous - Be polite and civil to each other – no insults or name-calling.


Be responsible - You are responsible for all your own posts within Your Community and posts should not be seen as professional advice.


Get involved - Feel free to start a discussion, comment on the forums and add your thoughts.


Help - If you have knowledge or experience do share it and answer questions. Your contributions are appreciated.


Remember to thank - If someone provides an answer you like, feel free to reward them by ‘Liking’ their post or marking it as an accepted answer.


Ask a question - Are you looking for a specific answer to a question? Ask away.


Keep on topic - Keep to the topic of that discussion thread.  Start another discussion thread if you need to.


Discuss - Feel free to discuss the answers in further detail.


Disclose - Let people know if you have a connection to Tesco Bank or anything you are talking about.


Things you mustn’t do


Post private information - Don’t use your full name, any personal or financial information, or an email address as your username.  Also don’t include this information within your post.

Please do not discuss or argue with any moderator decisions publicly on Your Community. If you need to comment on a moderation action, please send a private message.


Be unkind - Don’t use offensive, indecent or obscene language. We have a sensitive comment filter that is offended easily. Any discrimination based on gender, cultural background, race, location, or any other criteria, is unacceptable and will be removed.


Advertising - There are plenty of opportunities to promote your business, but Your Community is not the place to do it.


Deception - Please do not intentionally deceive anyone within Your Community. Stick to the truth.


Trolling - Constructive comments are always welcome, but abusive behaviour and personal attacks are not. If you see abuse, report it.

If we see abuse, we'll delete it and will block your access


Spam - Don’t spam Your Community. We love great contributions, but please refrain from disrupting the conversation by spamming.  If you see or receive spam, report it.  

If we see spam, we'll delete it and will block your access to Your Community.


Discrimination - Discrimination based on gender, cultural background, race, location, or any other criteria is unacceptable.   

If we see discrimination, we'll delete it and will block your access.


Posing as Tesco Bank staff - You must not pose as Tesco Bank or Your Community staff. Any posts of this nature will be removed.


Financial Advice – Do not offer any financial services or advice in Your Community. If you are looking for specific advice, you should approach an independent financial advice service. Posts of this nature will be deleted


Illegal activity - Do not use Your Community for illegal activity of any kind.


Soliciting members - Do not solicit other members in any way. Please understand we reserve the right to manage and moderate Your Community as we see fit.




Permanent bans - We may permanently ban any users caught breaking these House Rules.

We can only offer support and moderation to posts written in English. Any posts written in another language may be removed.