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Creating your first post


Creating your first post

Creating a new topic

Creating a new topic is easy. Visit the board you want to add your post to e.g. Help & Support, click the  Topic1b.png  button and a couple of boxes will appear.


Subject: This should be a clear description of the query you are posting, so that you can get the most responses.


 This is where you will type in your query. This can be as detailed as you wish, but keeping it short and to the point will encourage people to read the post in full.


 Tags: By adding tags your post will appear in search. Add as many tags or keywords as you like, just make sure they’re relevant to your query.


When you're ready to post, click the  Post1b.png  button!

Replying to a post

To reply to a post, simply click on the Reply1e.png button located at the bottom right of the post you wish to reply to.  This will open up the same Subject, Body and Message Tag boxes as shown above.  Input your response within the Body, and feel free to add any relevant tags in the Message Tag box.  Do not worry about adding a Subject line when replying to a post, as this will be done automatically for you.

Once done, click the  Post1b.png  button!



Tip: You can post as much as you like – but make sure it’s Tesco Bank related and is of help to you or other people in Your Community. In fact, the more you post, like and accept solutions, the more you’ll unlock new ranks and badges.