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General Information

Name change – what do I need to do?

If you need to change your name with us, you need to send us your request in writing. Your letter should include;

  • Your account or card number (if you have more than product with us, please ensure all are listed within your letter)
  • Confirmation that you want to change your name
  • Provide your new and old signature

Depending on the reason you are changing your name, we need one of the following bits of documentation;

  • Your marriage certificate – we need to see the actual document issued by the registrar on the day of marriage or a certified copy that’s been issued by the registrar
  • Deed poll certificate – the original document or a certified copy
  • Decree Absolute – the original document (please note - if you are changing back to your maiden name, the decree absolute doesn't usually confirm what the maiden name is. In these cases you will also be asked to provide evidence of your maiden name such by sending either your birth certificate, or a certified copy of your new passport or driving licence)  

Once we receive your letter, we will scan your certificate and send it back. We will also send it back via the same method you sent it, so if you send it via recorded delivery, we’ll also return it that way. This can take up to 10 working days to be processed and returned to you.

The address you need to send your letter to will vary dependent on the product you have with us;

  • Credit Card – Tesco Bank, PO Box 27028, Glasgow, G2 9FT
  • Loan – Tesco Bank, PO Box 27014, Glasgow, G2 9FE
  • Current Account – Tesco Bank, PO Box 17430, Edinburgh, EH12 1HZ
  • Savings – Tesco Bank, PO Box 27017, Glasgow, G2 9FH
  • Mortgage – Tesco Bank, PO Box 1214, Cheltenham, GL50 9WL                

Please note that for Car or Home Insurance policies, you do not need to send in documents to change your name. You can update your surname 24 hours a day via Your Insurance Account.


I have changed my name by deed poll, and have serveral products with you.  Do I have to send a letter to each one depending on the product?  Or do you all talk to each other and change my details accross all products?

Hi @rtfury, thanks for getting in touch! Whenever you need to update your name, we require proof as to why. So, in this case, we would ask that you send in the original or certified copy of your deed poll certificate. I have attached a link with the address and further information you need to know. As you have mentioned you have several products, pick one address and make sure to provide all of your account details for the products you have with us on the cover letter so we can update your name for all of your accounts. Once your name is updated, we will send you a new card with the updated name if you have a current account or credit card. Hope this helps 🙂

I need to change my name with Tesco. 


I've got my passport in my new name.  I NEED my passport with me!   Other places (including my bank) so far have been fine with it scanned to them.  Why can i not do this with Tesco for my credit card and other product(s)?  Please tell me you have updated your processes since the last post and email is ok?  


Last resort, can i send a certified copy and snail mail it to you like they did in back in the 1900's, which of course means making an appointment with a solicitor and paying a fee!

Hi @mandiebelfast, thanks for getting in touch. The guidance above remains the same for changes of name. Can you tell me the reason for the change? If you prefer to discuss this privately, please send us a private message and we can continue our discussion there - Trinh 

In this case, we would require your Decree Absolute (original document) and we can accept a certified copy of your passport - Trinh